Who we are…

The TUM Speakers Series is an independent, non-profit, student-run event series that plans and organizes events regarding topics that are relevant for students since 1999. Since then, we hosted more than 100 events with renowned speakers from all over the world.

What we do…

Our goal is to offer students the opportunity to gain insights from the working world and the careers of public figures, i.e. leaders and shapers. This should give them the best possible impulses for their own professional and personal development.

How we work…

Speakers enjoy the freedom to speak freely in front of students. This gives them the opportunity to also share very personal opinions. Companies find direct contact to potential young professionals and have the chance to find out what is currently moving our generation.


Sophia Willmann


Oscar Perez


Katrin Kösler

Head of Moderations

Otilia Stancescu

Head of Internal

Elena Senn

Head of Media

Nils Boschert

Head of External

Djelleza Hoti


Max von Storch

Head of Security

Josef Schmid

Head of Operations


Internal Department

The internal department fosters team spirit by coordinating with team members, ensuring smooth communication among the team members, and organizing internal team-building events. The department plays a vital role in onboarding and recruiting, creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and enjoys a positive experience in their departments.
The focus is maintaining a lovely work atmosphere to ensure everyone feels good and engaged in their roles.

Media Department

The media department is responsible for promoting events through various digital platforms. With expertise in digital marketing, content creation, and social media management, they ensure the effective dissemination of information and engagement with our audience. Their dedication and innovation play a vital role in enhancing the reach and impact of our events.

Operations Department

The operations department oversees event organization, including room setup, technology, furniture, and catering, and ensures smooth execution on the event day. Running the website is also part of the responsibilites of the operations department

Moderation Department

The moderation department is essential for shaping engaging events. Through detailed research on companies and speakers, they prepare captivating interviews for our stage. Their support extends to aiding moderators in their preparation, ensuring the success of our moderated discussions.

Security Department

The security Department is responsible for maintaining safety and protection within the event. This includes implementing security protocols and responding to any security incidents or emergencies that may arise.

External Department

The external department is essential for effective communication with our speakers and their teams. They manage email correspondence, gather information for our departments, and draft invitations for our speakers. Additionally, they coordinate partnerships, ensuring the success of our initiative



The TUM SPEAKERS SERIES was launched in 1999. It was founded by then-students Alexander Selzle, Clemens Berger, Dr. Jörg Siebert, and Prof. Helmut Schönenberger, who later established the UnternehmerTUM and is now a member of the Advisory Board. Gradually, it opened up to all students within the Technical University of Munich and other universities in Munich, and can look back on events with more than 100 speakers. These engage not only on business topics, but also talk about society, politics, and science; in short: all questions that are important in an academic environment.

After a relaunch in 2014 under the leadership of Simon Dietlmeier, the TUM Speakers Series was able to attract more and more foreign dignitaries to deliver speeches and to participate in discussions with students. It nowadays operates under the motto “from students for students”, as the TUM Speakers Series is organized by student volunteers from several departments at our university. Thanks to the commitment of every single member of the organizational team and the support of our university and department, the TUM Speakers Series enjoys a high reputation and is able to reach a large audience. It has become the largest student-run event series in Southern Germany and regularly attracts media attention.